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With a decade of experience in the construction industry, your project and cost management couldn't have been managed better than they would in our hands.

Cost Managers

Managing project budgeting and spend from start to finish

Project Managers

We ensure the success of every single project with macroscopic attention and bird view vision


Keeping supplies and deliverables on time, is crucial to the timely completion of all projects


Cost Consulting & Project Management

At Costrak Consulting we provide full range of cost management services for the project life span, which start from advising on the feasibility of a project at the early concept stages, to settling the final contractor payment at completion of the project. During the design stage we provide cost planning services to maintain an alignment between project requirements, the design and funding availability. We do this on behalf of the owner or the design team.


10 Years of Experience

Take advantage of our decade long track record in construction in america. We turn your dream into realistic numbers that get the work done.

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Pre-Construction Cost Estimation

Feasibility Studies

Project Scheduling

Project Scheduling

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Lifecycle Cost Analysis

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