Feasibility Studies

We offer feasibility study services to assess the viability of a proposed project or plan

Budget Advisory

We offer budget plans that outline the expected expenditures and revenues for a project, within a specific period of time.

Pre-Construction Cost Estimation

We offer pre-construction cost estimation services for predicting the cost of a construction project before it is built, based on plans and specifications

Cost Management
  • Conducting financial feasibility studies for development projects.
  • Cost estimate and cost planning.
  • Value engineering
  • Analyzing terms and conditions in the contract.
  • Forecasting the costs of different materials needed for the project.
  • Prepare bid documents, contracts, budgets, and other documentation.
  • Track changes to the original contract and adjusting the budget accordingly.
  • Bid management including preparation of schedule of values, contract conditions and assembly of bid documents.
  • Contract management and contractual advice.
  • Valuation of construction work
  • Project Controls
  • Project Monitoring for lending
  • Claims and dispute management
  • Prepare final account for completed projects.
  • Lifecycle and replacement costing analysis.
  • Offer training and mentorship
Planning & Scheduling
  • Plan scheduling during cost estimating.
  • Prepare work breakdown system.
  • Prepare pre-bid schedule.
  • Review baseline bid schedule.
  • Monitor and review construction schedule.
  • Prepare as built project schedule.
Asset Management
  • Asset Inventory: Creating and maintaining a comprehensive inventory of all assets owned and managed by the organization Work breakdown system.
  • Asset Tracking: Implementing systems and processes to track the movement, usage, and status of assets throughout their lifecycle, enabling better visibility and control over asset utilization.
  • Maintenance Management: This includes preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance, and corrective maintenance strategies.
  • Compliance and Regulatory Requirements:
  • Asset Performance Analytics
  • Integration with other Systems


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