Feasibility Studies

We offer feasibility study services to assess the viability of a proposed project or plan

Budget Advisory

We offer budget plans that outline the expected expenditures and revenues for a project, within a specific period of time.

Pre-Construction Cost Estimation

We offer pre-construction cost estimation services for predicting the cost of a construction project before it is built, based on plans and specifications

Asset Management

We offer asset management services for the process of maximizing the value and minimizing the risk of physical construction assets. It involves planning, acquisition, maintenance, and disposal of assets to achieve optimal performance and return on investment.

Project Scheduling

We offer project management services to plan, organize, and manage resources to bring about the successful completion of construction project goals and objectives.

Lifecycle Cost Analysis

We offer lifecycle cost analysis as a method of evaluating the total cost of ownership of an asset or system over its entire lifecycle. Our goal of this methodology is to identify the most cost-effective options for acquiring and maintaining assets over the long term.


We have 10 years of experience

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Swift Innovations

Unique ideas for today's construction costing problems

Licensed Experts

Our personnel are some of the finest across the industry 

Modern Technology

State of the art solutions for clients challenges

Priority Support

We're available around the clock for client support

Cost Managers, Schedulers,  Project Managers,
Asset Managers.


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