827-831 Broadway

  • 827-831 Broadway, New York, NY
  • Building Size: 80,000 SF
  • Client: CM&D Inc.
  • Architect: DXA studio Architecture PLLC
  • Market Sector: Commercial Office

 This project is a 12 story high commercial building facility with a total gross floor area of approximately  80,000 square feet. The facility is a core and shell building which also includes a cellar. The project is a landmark and the facade would have to be restored under historic preservation . The property is located at 827-831 Broadway in  New York City. Program for the new development comprises lobby, elevator lobby, retail space office space, core areas and mechanical room below grade. Scope of work involves the demolition of existing buildings, shoring existing facade on the 12th street and Broadway,  site fencing and sidewalk protection to pave way for the new building.

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