Reconstruction of Central Heating Plant

  • State University College at Buffalo, Buffalo, New York 14222
  • Building Size: 10,100 SF
  • Client: State University College at Buffalo
  • Engineering Firm: RMF Engineering, Inc, PC
  • Market Sector: Instituition

 This project invloves the reconstruction of the Central Heating Plant at Buffalo State College, a part of State University of New York. The heating plant (Bldg. 45), supplies steam to approximately 36 buildings for the campus heating and domestic water heating. The Central Heating Plant was originally built in 1949 as four boilers and had upgrades done in 1964 with the addition of 2 boilers and a building addition. In 2001 a firetube boiler was added on the North side to provide steam for domestic water heating during the summer months subsequent to the removal of two boilers.. The project is located in Buffalo, New York.

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