Sagamore Children’s Psychiatric Center

  • Location: Dix Hills, New York
  • Building Size: 33, 102 SF
  • MEP Engineer: RMF Engineering, Inc., PC
  • Market Sector: Healthcare
  • Client: Sagamore Children’s Center

The building was constructed in the 1970’s and currently has two (2) central air handlers; one (1) 46,000 CFM that serves the CAV terminal units within the building. The actual connected load is only 30,000CFM and  approximately 13,000CFM serves the perimeter induction units. The proposed new work require replacement of the existing AHU which is about 70,000CFM in total will be connected to new CAV and  induction terminal units  for a more efficient system. All pumps, heat exchangers and associated piping would be replaced.

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